Thomas “Rusty” Scott

Rusty has been working as an engineer both in live sound and studio recording for over a decade. Working with artists Crucial Elements,The Donalds, Murdersome, Lair, Hewolf, and Appalling to name a few.



Ricky Olson

A veteran of the hardcore community, Rick Olson understands dynamic production. Working w bands like prisoner, Unsacred, and Asylum he has crafted an aggressive style with an emphasis on efficiency.

Beginning his production career as an intern at sound of music studios (’09-’13), he learned from producers like john Morand, Al Weatherhead, and Bryan Walthall.  With a strong foundation in traditional recording techniques, he’s not afraid to let the song dictate the process.

“Just put a band in a room and let them play their songs.”



Allen Bergendahl

Shy Low, Homemade Knives, Jonathan Vassar, Sungazer, Snowy Owls

Talk to me for your folky/indie/shoegazey/pop/rock needs. I go in for more intimate and “raw” sounds. I like to partner with artists to achieve a record that makes everyone proud. I am a seeker and always try to improve and find new/better ways to make your music awesome. Feel free to contact me about budgets or to start a conversation about making your record come to life.

Bryan Walthall

Originally from just outside of Washington D.C., now over 15 years in Richmond Bryan Walthall has made a lot of records.

“It is hard for me to remember a time that i did not want to make records and I have an unrelenting passion for it!  I was extremely lucky to have been brought up in an ‘old school’ studio environment and I try to bring that process and esthetic to my productions. I like to concentrate on vibe and performances and I commit to most tones at the tracking stage. I always have a pretty strong opinion, and feel its my duty to serve the song over ego. I’m pretty engaged in the production, and would consider my self the antithesis of a ‘couch producer’”


John Angelo

John Angelo, Originally from Buffalo, NY, started his career in audio after graduating from Recording Arts Canada in 2005. He’s been making records, and doing live sound in area venues and on tour worldwide ever since.

From 2009 to 2013, John recorded out of a few Buffalo area studios, most notably GCR Audio owned by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. During this period he also spent much of his time doing sound on tour with Every Time I Die and Gwar.

In 2013 he was invited to Richmond by Gwar to track and produce their 13th album “Battle Maximus” at their studio in the Slave Pit. A year later, he moved down to work there full time as their in house audio engineer. After Dave Brockie’s death, with the band’s attention focused away from working in the studio, John left to pursue other work in Richmond.

 In 2015, John started  working with  Ward engineers Thomas “Rusty” Scott and Ricky Olson, occasionally working as assistant engineer, mix engineer, or mastering engineer for their sessions.

John began producing records at The Ward in 2017, with Richmond’s Gritter, and produced the split between NY grind-powerviolence bands Water Torture and Stimulant.

While John’s background may be in punk and related genres, he also enjoys working with indie, country, and jazz artists, and regularly works with an area gospel choir and band. He’s also worked with experimental and noise artists. Every day behind the console is a learning experience and a chance to help others document what they’ve created and make a record they can be proud of.

Allan Weatherhead

Alan Weatherhead is an engineer, mixer, producer and musician with over 20 years of professional experience.

He has worked with Sparklehorse, Lucero, Magnolia Electric Co., Cracker and Daniel Johnston among many others.

Demo available upon request.

Tommy Gunn

Tommy has worked with:
Emergency November, Locus Factor, Logic Of Decay, Immortal Avenger, Narsilion, Savage Attack, Kombat Wombat, Blisskill, Bruce, Mistaker, Pestuary, and Vicious Tides, to name a few.

Contact: (w/ “recording” in the subject line) for a quote. His rates are based on each individual project, so that he can be as fair as possible.